Kamis, 15 Desember 2016


Campret, the acronym for Camping Pramuka Tiga or in english Camping for SMA 3 Scouts. It is a program only once a year and special for 10th class. Last time it is held at 10-11 Desember, saturday to sunday. I was a Committee at that day. I'm in the event division. I made the teaching materials for pioneering and rigging.

At first day everyone gathered in the school, and then there was 10 army trucks ready to pick us up. It was about 1-2 hours from our school to Kiara Payung. After we arrived there was an opening ceremony and then the participant built their tent. After that there was scout lesson.

After mid-day, there was a game contain 4 post with different games. I was placed in the last post and quite far from the camping site. I waited so long that i even got a time for a quick nap. Because the day before this eventful day i only got a sleep for about 4 hours. The sad thing was, because i was in the last post and the times runs out only 1 group that played the game. 

In the evening we had free time, while the participant had a cooking contest. At night there was supossed to be an art performances. It was raining from dusk till 9 a.m. After that the rain stopped. So we had only a brief moments of art performances until the rain came back again and turn into a big storm. Everyone scrambled into their tent and it was time to sleep, for the participant. For the committee we had other programe. There was a inauguration for the committee from penggalang into penegak. It was cool but it took a lot of our sleep time. 

The next day was the day we went home. Everyone got up early and did some exercise, cooking, and bathing. And then times to re-packed and dismantled the tent. There was a closing ceremony and then we got a walk, very long walk from our campsite to the nearest university. Luckily no one got sick and we arrived at school safely.

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