Kamis, 15 Desember 2016

Opening Ceremony of Peparnas

I walked with about 400 boys and girls to Siliwangi Stadium. The day  was saturday and there was still a little rain. Everyone wondered what are we going in there. Nobody really know the truth. After we arrived at the front of the stadium we were stopped and got a walk around the stadium only to be the purpose of the front entrances for the other school. Well, that was better to be my story. And then we got inside and sat on the stadium seats. I did'nt really remember about the first thing that happened. If i'm not mistaken than there was an art performances. There was dance, music, self defence art, etc. 

I had a seat that really far from the performances, so i did'nt take seriously about the performances. I could not enjoy the show as much as the one that got in the front rows. There was a little rain that led astray my focus upon the show. I had to open and put my umbrella down over and over beacause of the unstable rain. And there was the time that where my vision blocked by my friend's umbrella. 

All i remembered was the start of the openinng ceremony, there was fireworks. Very beautiful because of the colour, shape, pattern, sound, and smoke. The sound was trembling and echoing because of the sound system made it like there was the biggest and most fireworks. 

The peak of the opening ceremony was amazing. It's hard to tell. It was very dramatic and epic. And then the torch was lit and there was another fireworks. As for me i was already ready to go out in case of over crowded in the way to go out. And then i went home. 

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