Kamis, 27 April 2017

Dewa Athena

On 25th May,1 and 8 April, there was a program called Dewa Athena. Dewa Athena is a program that held once a year. It is a program about sports. I don't know the acronym, but it maybe meant a week of sports competition among classes. At the first day, I was a player in volley competition but fail miserably. Before the competition, my throw with the ball was very high and my friend recommended me as a volley player. After that none of my threw was landed in the opponent territory. My score with the opponent score was like the earth and sky, very different, mine lower.

The second day I played " Gobak Sodor ", still the same result, we lost. After " Gobak Sodor " I played dodgeball. I didn't play much because I can't play. My team placed me as the dodger. My dodging skill is the worst, because my friend got hit to be on the other side and can hit the opponent easily. But at least we won that match. 

The third day started with an event called " Paman Gober " or " Penanaman dan Gowes Bersama "
or in english " planting and cycling together ". At the road my friend got jammed on his bike gear.
We stopped and tried to fix the problem, but it was futile. The result was my friend got back to the school. The next competition was dodgeball and I couldn't concentrate, and of course after the match we lost. Well, that's my experience, I hope you enjoy it.                     

Kamis, 30 Maret 2017

English Crossword

1. Insect that makes honey
2. A toy that you fly
5. Acronym for clear
6. You wrap a gift with a …
8. A recreational place for human where animal live
10. A soft boggy area of land that gives way underfoot ( synonym of swamp )
11. End of life
13. “shht”
15. A place where you can deposit something
16. synonym of modify or tuned that starts with an “A”
1.  A place to safe and lend money
3.  Containing poisonous substances
4.  A person who participates in duels
7.  A person who has the most unpleasant smell is also called the most … person
9.  A courageous person is very …
12. A sweet potato
14. Acronym for Hell
17. Make a clone of something
18. A homosexual guy

Learning from Nature

“ Learning from Nature “, is all of our life is all about. Before we were born, nature was already existed,   even before we existed, nature already existed. And when we are life, everything that we do cannot be done without nature, because we are part of nature. And when we leave this world, nature will be still there until the time has come.
Nature is a gift for everyone and everything that existed and had existed. It is not just a thing. It is the whole aggregation of thing that interacting with each other. Today we know that everything made of only 17 part of particles, 6 quarks, 6 leptons, and 5 bosons. Everything in our world is only a very tiny disruption between those things could build such a great, astonishing, full of knowledge world. Our life will be futility without the known of nature.
About our life was a part of nature, nature already has a balance. Everything that existed in the world if thrown out of balance will be manifest with nature or will be back into it stability state. We can tell “ The law is always the same, only the name that changes”. Like everything that we do not pure from ourselves but already a part of nature and already manifested with nature. We are a part of nature.  
Well, I learn from a cartoon that “ Do not judge the person, but what the person cause.” I learned that when we were born bringing nothing and soon after we leave, we will not bring anything to. So it will be a wasteful thing if we judge the person. He is not the one he really is. He could be everything that he wanted to be. It is like “ The wrong are not in human being. But in being a human part.”
We can learn a lot from nature. It is very valuable and a part of ourselves. But not just that, “ what we give is what we earn”. So we need to appreciate and conserve nature.                



Hi, today I’m going to talk about a person that I think I need to be very grateful with.

It was two months ago. The day was The End of Semester Test. It was in the afternoon. At that time I did not know the way to go home except with GOJEK. It was very expensive and I cannot afforded it every time. At that time I had a friend who had home in “GadoBangkong”, quite near to my home. He said that he went home by train and it was quite cheap. So I went with him. We took a public transportation named “ST. Hall” – “Sadang Serang”.

It was about 5 – 10 minutes from my school to Bandung Train Station. He felt scared of being fault by agreeing my decision. He saw me like I will never reached my home. Because at that time I only knew that there was a train station near my home, but not exactly where. Much time I was misbehaving because I did not know anything in the train station. He even bought me my ticket. I paid with my money but he was the one who bought it.

So, then the train arrived and we boarded in. It was 23 – 30 minutes rode. The first stop was “Ciroyom” Station. Not much who got in and out. The next one was “Cimindi” Station. I  knew this place only after I saw the “Cimindi” road. Well the next would be “Cimahi” Station. Then there it was. Something only the one who saw it will know. “Cimahi” Train Station. Then I said goodbye to my friend and then left the train. The only thing that I needed to do now was to take a public transportation to my home. I asked the public transportation driver about where would the public transportation went and was the public transportation would stop in “Baros”. Then I found the yellow one. And then I arrived at home.

The reason why I’m very grateful to this person was he taught me about another transportation that I can use and it is cheap. If I have not know about this transportation I will be wasting so much money only for going home. Another reason is I learn new skill. I can go home anytime (5.30-930 validly). Another thing is I learn about discipline. Because if I was late even for a minute, The train will leave me. That’s all. Thank you for reading my story. Bye.  

Rabu, 25 Januari 2017

My Last Holiday

My Last Holiday

Hello Reader

On this reading, I'm going to talk about my last holiday. It was not completely nothing, but it was not even something. I went through my holiday by playing computer game. 

I'm playing team fortress 2 with my cousin "One" aka "Alpine" aka " Alfin. Before i played it, I had to download it from Steam. I downloaded the game on an old computer that was released on 2007. So far so good, and then when I tried to play a match, It was lagging and the player that supposed to be appear was not appearing until i realized that the weapon graphic was the only thing that was rendered. I was frustrated, because i wasted about 3 to 5 hours time worth of 15 GB data ( and my life). I tried to change the graphic quality, the sound quality, checked task manager for application that overused my RAM and Processor data. NOTHING. The only thing that i thought i can fixed it was the resolution, but the only option for the resolution in the game was 1024 x 768, 768 x 1024, and 1280 x 1024. I cannot do anything. So i told my cousin i cannot play with him. The end of the day end with a sad end.

The next day was a revelation. I realized i have not changed my resolution from my computer properties. I was hoping with high enthusiastic. Click this, click that, open this, open that, and there in the game an option for 640 x 480 pixel resolution. The moment of truth was nearing. The game was generating map and everything was running and I, finally, can play. I contacted my cousin so we can play together. He received my calls, rebooted  his computer, opened steam, launched team fortress 2 and we played together. I was very happy. 

By the way, I'm new to this chaotic, online, team, FPS, type of game. In this game there is 9 class of character that we can play. 3 offense class, 3 defense class, and 3 support class. For the offense class there was Soldier, Scout, and Pyro. For the defense class there was Demolition man, Engineer, and Heavy. For the support class there was Spy, Sniper, and Medic. First time play I used Medic, because it was the easiest class. You just need to "left click and move".
But surprisingly i was the third MVP ( Most Valuable Person ) in the game. I scored 43 point. He congratulated me. It was the best day in my last holiday. 

Kamis, 15 Desember 2016

Opening Ceremony of Peparnas

I walked with about 400 boys and girls to Siliwangi Stadium. The day  was saturday and there was still a little rain. Everyone wondered what are we going in there. Nobody really know the truth. After we arrived at the front of the stadium we were stopped and got a walk around the stadium only to be the purpose of the front entrances for the other school. Well, that was better to be my story. And then we got inside and sat on the stadium seats. I did'nt really remember about the first thing that happened. If i'm not mistaken than there was an art performances. There was dance, music, self defence art, etc. 

I had a seat that really far from the performances, so i did'nt take seriously about the performances. I could not enjoy the show as much as the one that got in the front rows. There was a little rain that led astray my focus upon the show. I had to open and put my umbrella down over and over beacause of the unstable rain. And there was the time that where my vision blocked by my friend's umbrella. 

All i remembered was the start of the openinng ceremony, there was fireworks. Very beautiful because of the colour, shape, pattern, sound, and smoke. The sound was trembling and echoing because of the sound system made it like there was the biggest and most fireworks. 

The peak of the opening ceremony was amazing. It's hard to tell. It was very dramatic and epic. And then the torch was lit and there was another fireworks. As for me i was already ready to go out in case of over crowded in the way to go out. And then i went home. 


Campret, the acronym for Camping Pramuka Tiga or in english Camping for SMA 3 Scouts. It is a program only once a year and special for 10th class. Last time it is held at 10-11 Desember, saturday to sunday. I was a Committee at that day. I'm in the event division. I made the teaching materials for pioneering and rigging.

At first day everyone gathered in the school, and then there was 10 army trucks ready to pick us up. It was about 1-2 hours from our school to Kiara Payung. After we arrived there was an opening ceremony and then the participant built their tent. After that there was scout lesson.

After mid-day, there was a game contain 4 post with different games. I was placed in the last post and quite far from the camping site. I waited so long that i even got a time for a quick nap. Because the day before this eventful day i only got a sleep for about 4 hours. The sad thing was, because i was in the last post and the times runs out only 1 group that played the game. 

In the evening we had free time, while the participant had a cooking contest. At night there was supossed to be an art performances. It was raining from dusk till 9 a.m. After that the rain stopped. So we had only a brief moments of art performances until the rain came back again and turn into a big storm. Everyone scrambled into their tent and it was time to sleep, for the participant. For the committee we had other programe. There was a inauguration for the committee from penggalang into penegak. It was cool but it took a lot of our sleep time. 

The next day was the day we went home. Everyone got up early and did some exercise, cooking, and bathing. And then times to re-packed and dismantled the tent. There was a closing ceremony and then we got a walk, very long walk from our campsite to the nearest university. Luckily no one got sick and we arrived at school safely.