Kamis, 30 Maret 2017


Hi, today I’m going to talk about a person that I think I need to be very grateful with.

It was two months ago. The day was The End of Semester Test. It was in the afternoon. At that time I did not know the way to go home except with GOJEK. It was very expensive and I cannot afforded it every time. At that time I had a friend who had home in “GadoBangkong”, quite near to my home. He said that he went home by train and it was quite cheap. So I went with him. We took a public transportation named “ST. Hall” – “Sadang Serang”.

It was about 5 – 10 minutes from my school to Bandung Train Station. He felt scared of being fault by agreeing my decision. He saw me like I will never reached my home. Because at that time I only knew that there was a train station near my home, but not exactly where. Much time I was misbehaving because I did not know anything in the train station. He even bought me my ticket. I paid with my money but he was the one who bought it.

So, then the train arrived and we boarded in. It was 23 – 30 minutes rode. The first stop was “Ciroyom” Station. Not much who got in and out. The next one was “Cimindi” Station. I  knew this place only after I saw the “Cimindi” road. Well the next would be “Cimahi” Station. Then there it was. Something only the one who saw it will know. “Cimahi” Train Station. Then I said goodbye to my friend and then left the train. The only thing that I needed to do now was to take a public transportation to my home. I asked the public transportation driver about where would the public transportation went and was the public transportation would stop in “Baros”. Then I found the yellow one. And then I arrived at home.

The reason why I’m very grateful to this person was he taught me about another transportation that I can use and it is cheap. If I have not know about this transportation I will be wasting so much money only for going home. Another reason is I learn new skill. I can go home anytime (5.30-930 validly). Another thing is I learn about discipline. Because if I was late even for a minute, The train will leave me. That’s all. Thank you for reading my story. Bye.  

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