Kamis, 30 Maret 2017

Learning from Nature

“ Learning from Nature “, is all of our life is all about. Before we were born, nature was already existed,   even before we existed, nature already existed. And when we are life, everything that we do cannot be done without nature, because we are part of nature. And when we leave this world, nature will be still there until the time has come.
Nature is a gift for everyone and everything that existed and had existed. It is not just a thing. It is the whole aggregation of thing that interacting with each other. Today we know that everything made of only 17 part of particles, 6 quarks, 6 leptons, and 5 bosons. Everything in our world is only a very tiny disruption between those things could build such a great, astonishing, full of knowledge world. Our life will be futility without the known of nature.
About our life was a part of nature, nature already has a balance. Everything that existed in the world if thrown out of balance will be manifest with nature or will be back into it stability state. We can tell “ The law is always the same, only the name that changes”. Like everything that we do not pure from ourselves but already a part of nature and already manifested with nature. We are a part of nature.  
Well, I learn from a cartoon that “ Do not judge the person, but what the person cause.” I learned that when we were born bringing nothing and soon after we leave, we will not bring anything to. So it will be a wasteful thing if we judge the person. He is not the one he really is. He could be everything that he wanted to be. It is like “ The wrong are not in human being. But in being a human part.”
We can learn a lot from nature. It is very valuable and a part of ourselves. But not just that, “ what we give is what we earn”. So we need to appreciate and conserve nature.                


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